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The 7th Ray Mystery School, located in the Rocky Mountains in the United States, is a global mystery school that offers esoteric teachings of Hermetic Knowledge and Shamanism. Laurie teaches in Utah and internationally. Check out her website to begin your journey! 


A Natural Mystic offers wisdom, inspiration, and Divinely infused healing products to assist those cultivating and nourishing their Inner Garden~~Medicine Bags, Affirmation Cards, Crystals, Essential Oils, Energy Imbued Jewelry, Inspirational Insights, Mystic Practices, Intriguing Articles and much more....Deborah Ward is an Initiate living and working in the Toledo, Ohio area.


Michele M. Bernard, Attorney offering a compassionate and humanistic method of solving your legal matters. Holistic Law is an emerging legal concept that views the Law as a healing profession which SERVES PEOPLE AND FAMILIES with dignity. In these times, clients are looking for alternatives to expensive and stressful legal battles. Holistic Law resolves issues via a mediated paradigm which promotes sustainable solutions. Accordingly, this approach utilizes vigorous courtroom advocacy only when peaceful methods are not feasible. Michele is an Initiate living in the Orlando area. 


"We at Clair-Ascension, are totally committed to personal growth and the ascension of this planet, helping to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual empowerment, via ancient metaphysical teachings, initiations, and activations. Visit Karen Greenberg in Ann Arbor, Michigan.