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A Center For Wellness and Light, llc


Classes and Workshops

Registration and payment for all workshops is due 2-weeks prior to class. Please visit our 'Calendar' page to register online. 

Adept Initiation. This is a physical initiation into the service and guidance of the Hierarchy of Light, necessary after self-initiation, to do Light Work. All Light Workers have already received self-initiation and are working with the Hierarchy of Light. This initiation gives you 10 times the empowerment (than you currently have) to do Light Work in the world. This work empowers you to new heights of spiritual and physical awareness and abundance, receiving Divine Protection and direct daily contact with the Hierarchy of Light. This initiation brings you more empowerment to do your work in the world and is the same initiation that Jesus received after studying for 30 years in the Mystery Schools, prior to doing his three-years of service.

This is an ancient rite that has been carried through by many of the mystic, shamanic, and mystery school traditions. The Adept Initiation is performed by a Guide, who has received the appropriate physical initiations and training in the ancient unbroken lineage of King Salomon. Our Guides are trained under the highest standards within the Mystery School Tradition, which has over a 3000 year-old lineage and authority to perform this service.

Some of the teaching included are:

*How to clear up the negative ego

*The Divine/God potential of humans

*The Spiritual Hierarchy of Light, Archangels, and Masters of Light

*Chi, Ki, and Hara Energies and how to use them to enhance your

life and work

*The Universal Kabbalah – unlocking some of its ancient secrets

Some of the Benefits and Privileges of the Initiation include:

*Direct increased contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light

*Physical and spiritual abundance from your service to the Light

*Ten times the power you had prior to initiation to empower your

work in the world

*An expansion of consciousness and heightened sense of clarity

about your purpose in life

*Increased guidance and protection (four new guides sent directly

from Creator to teach you and empower your spiritual evolution)

*Aligns the flow of your will with the flow of the Will of God/Source

and the Will of the Universe

*Sacred tools for protection and for communion with the Source

This class is taught in a very full two-day format, ending with a ceremony and physical initiation that will change the way you live! Cost $500. Initiates may come for Day 2 at 2:00pm and participate in the ceremony for the new initiates. Please come dressed in all white and RSVP. Cost of attending the ceremony only is by donation. 

Adept 2 and Energy Basics. This class prepares the Adept for working with higher vibrational energies and forces. This class empowers the Adept more fully when working directly with the Forces of Creation. These include auric, etheric, magnetic, dimensional, and elemental balancing as well as working with the soul and spirit bodies, here in the physical! The key to the Universe is YOU! This is an extremely empowering class taught in a very full one-day format. After gaining a deeper understanding of the flow of Light and the Powers of Creation, students leave able to do complete energetic balancing on others. This balancing is necessary for any type of sustained physical healing. The information and the healing work learned blend well with any other work out there and is the prep work for DNA Activation. This class is also a prerequisite to the 2nd Step Initiation.

Energy Basics takes the Initiate further into working with their empowerment. As an Adept, have you felt like there is much more you could be doing with your empowerment? Well there absolutely is! Join us to learn to bless water and oil, consecrate your tools and space, do cord cuttings, and 22-Strand DNA Activation! Brings your own tools (athame or phurba) to class to have sanctified too after you consecrate them. Yes, there is so much more Adepts can do. Energy Basics is the beginning! Previous students please bring Adept 2 material--we will review the total session protocol. Cost: $600 for both days and includes all supplies, $400 to audit or if you have previously have taken Adept 2 training. 

Qabalah and The Tree of Life. Join us for this 13-month series which explores the Holy Sephira and the Tree of Life and other deep esoteric principles. Training will be practical with an emphasis on healing at a deep level application to life.

We will explore:

  • The Tree of Life and the Holy Sephirot
  • Qabalistic teachings with an emphasis on the virtues and how to live in balance
  • Other esoteric teachings, featuring deep esoteric principles--and the practical application thereof

Some of the benefits of this series include:

  • Stop searching to try to piece it all together. This will be an expansive coverage of spiritual foundational teachings, helping students to create a really solid foundation for understanding and application.
  • Grow rapidly--healing, changing, gaining new insight, and reaching "the next level" in your life, which happens at an accelerated pace.
  • Balance your emotional and mental states. Build truly strong internal states for living a happy, productive, and full life.

Within the Mystery School, the Universal Qabalah has always been taught by initiated Ritual Masters who themselves are initiated Qabalistic High Priests/Priestesses. The participants are taken through the Tree of Life with Ritual Ascension. This is a powerful way of experiencing the Tree in our daily lives, enabling us to live life most fully. Qabalah Magick is about creating Heaven here on Earth by embodying the different aspects of God, which are represented in the Tree of Life.

This class is taught in 13 parts, monthly over a one-year period and is highly experiential. Cost: We meet monthly for 2.5 hours over 12 months at $125/mo with the 13th meeting the 2-day immersion and ascension at a cost of $500. Cost slightly higher when taught outside of ACFW&L. Limited audit space available. 

Pathworking and the Tree of Life. This is advanced study for Qabalists, those who have ascended the Tree at least one time through Ritual Ascension. Once a month, for 22-months, we meet and study the Paths in the Tree of Life. The aspects and qualities of each are explored and opened in each of our lives as we study further the Sephirot and the aspects of God in them and within ourselves. Cost is $100/month with $125 due the first month for supply costs. We meet 1.5 hours each day or evening. 

Introduction to Exorcism Healing for Initiates. In this one-day informational and experiential introductory class, learn the hows and whys of negative entities, how to recognize and work with them, how to clear people and spaces of lower levels of negative energies. Class is amazing and 6-hours. Cost $250.  

Dragon Magick. Dragons are the most ancient beings on our planet and in fact, are the are the Wisdom Keepers for our Planet. Their magick, which is for everyday life, helps both the body and soul to better assimilate the lessons learned on earth.

Discover the truth behind the dragons and their closely held secrets. In this class you will learn about their language, history and clans, the meanings of colour in dragonlore, how to connect with them safely while honoring their culture, and how to use this magick in your life.

Most importantly, you will learn the tools, ceremonies, and rituals they use to live life fully and joyfully. As these teachings return to the planet, it will help us create the world of love and peace we are seeking! These beings and their ancient wisdom is real--their teachings are coming back to help us to create a better life for all. Cost: $150 for this 4-hour ceremony and adventure.

Elf & Fairy Magick. In this program you will meet the Elves as well as the Fairies and they will share their magick, love and wisdom with you.

The Elves are a beautiful race of beings known for their high intelligence, good humor, craftsmanship, and remarkable healing abilities, in addition to their deep relationship with the woods and mountains. They serve as the key architects in the New Paradigm for creating a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the earth. The also teach us how to use the mind as a tool of light before the sword is wielded.

This is a very special class ... if you have an interest in Elves and Faeries, we invite you to join us, in the return of sacred communion with magickal beings and other races and to bring them back into our existence. In this class you will:

• Discover why you might want the Elves & Faeries in your life,

• Be taught their magickal practices and how to honor these beings, &

• Begin to cultivate a relationship of mutual trust & respect with these incredible allies.

Cost: $150 for 4-hours of fun and magic!

Astral Travel. We all Astral Travel when we sleep. In this class we learn to Astral Travel consciously with the same methods that the Masters have always used and sometimes taught. We learn where to go, where not to go, how to travel safely, how to retain information and more. This class is about expanding our consciousness to connect with certain aspects of God. Class is 6-hours. Cost $85.

Ritual Magick. Learn the value of ritual in our daily lives with the high art of Ritual Magick as practiced by King Salomon. Learn protection rituals to be used in your work and in your daily life, how to set energies at home and work, and much more in 3-4 hours. Cost $75.

The 12 Races of Earth and The Seven Ancient Mystery Schools. Learn of the other 11 Races here on Earth, the origins and special work of each. This ties into the lineage of humans and brings the teachings of the Atlantis Mystery School to current day and the Human Mystery Schools. Gain an understanding of each of the Seven Ancient Mystery Schools. Learn where they are and what energy each holds for the planet. Learn rituals to connect you to the energy of each and more! Class is 6-hours. Cost $250.

Sacred/Divine Geometries. In SG1, sacred forms and their use in our daily lives are taught. These sacred symbols are emblazoned into the student’s aura, allowing them to flow and work with these energies in their daily lives. Learn to activate a room, a house, create a Temple and more. SG1 is 4-hours and costs $85. SG2 teaches how to grid rooms or homes for protection, wholeness, connection with God and more. Also ancient healing methods with crystals are taught. Ritual Masters can be hired to grid your home or office for any of the above and more at $150/hr. SG3 we tap into the powers of the Family or Ra and the ancient Egyptians to clear and activate all 7 dimensions of the aura. Learn to do this for yourself or for others. In SG4 learn about the vibration of Melchizedek's Temple and Noah's Temple. Learn how to use toning and Divine Geometries to activate energetic patterns that create sacred space in your home, office or special event. SG2, 3 & 4 cost $150 each with SG1 prerequisite training.

The Shiva Lingam. Learn the Tibetan Mystery School teachings of the Shiva Lingam Stone, the legend of Brahma and of Shiva, Brahma meditation, the teachings and use of the Varja, Varja meditation, the Spirit of the Shiva Lingam, as well as how to activate and charge these precious stones. Receive your own Shiva Lingam Stone that you will charge in class and take with you always! Leave with the ability to charge stones for others. Another very fun, very empowering 1/2 day! Cost: $130 including all supplies with limited seating available.

Shamanic Healing Modalities. Join us for a rare opportunity to learn the Shamanic Healing work right here in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The DNA Region, the Physical, and the Mind Regions of the Shamanic Healing Modality are powerful and beautiful methods that date back to the time of King Solomon. These methods are brought out in these times of NO MORE SECRETS as we awaken to the remembrance of Who We Are!

These classes are offered in a series, beginning with the DNA Region and the 2nd Step Initiation, then the Physical Region and continues with the Mind Region. There is prerequisite training to explore this series. Contact Cindy directly to find out about the prerequisites to begin your study with the DNA Region or check out our Calendar Section for dates and cost or our Shamanic Healing Section for more information. 

Elemental Alchemy Series. This is a very powerful hands-on class designed to help you access and flow the powers of the Elements. Increase your awareness of these elements both within yourself and within your environment to learn to create Magickal Tools of empowerment. These are highly experiential, hands-on classes that will change the way you see and interact with the world! Each class is a full day and cost $250 with a $75 deposit due one month before class.

  • Fire - Learn the basics of an altar and of Fire Magick, Fire Elementals, anointing and inscribing candles for magickal purposes, create seals and pendants, create your own magickal tools to be used again and again. Study the astrological influences and gain a deeper understanding of transformation (physical) and transmutation (spiritual) in order to ring forth your own ideas and inspirations, connecting you fully with the flow from the Mind of God!

  • Air - Work here withe the aromas and their Magickal properties. Air, the breath of God, thought, intellect, intuition. Throw away your essential oil books to work far beyond the medicinal properties of Air! Scents link us directly to a very deep and wise part of ourselves. Accessing this part helps us in our daily lives. Understanding of Air (oils, incense) helps us to make magickal oils for magickal purposes for ourselves and others. Here, gain knowledge of oils and incenses and their magickal uses, learn to combine scents properly for making changes and creating balance, health, peace, protection, energy, abundance, anointing, love, power, purification, increase psychic abilities, eliminate depression, improve health conditions and many, many other magickal uses!

  • Water - We all use Water and are made mostly of Water, yet how much do we really know about Water? Water is the Love of God, emotion, the plan. Nothing can grow on Earth without water. Water is linked to our emotional nature and to God as a spiritual creative force. Emotions are the most powerful force a human has! With balance here, the polarity of our emotions opens us fully to free choice! Here, learn the influences of water, learn to charge water, about solar water, lunar water, healing water, and create gem elixirs, flower essences, other magickal herbal blends, fruit water, flower water, healing baths, tinctured herbs, floor washes and more!

  • Earth - Earth, where it all comes together and where all is manifested! In a Sacred Temple, we learn about spells and charms, what they are and how they work, how to call in unseen forces and why we work together to create charms. We create herbal charms together in a fun and active Temple for abundance, joy, fertility (careful!) healing and for power. We learn how to make oils out of these and even how to affect the collective consciousness of the planet in the Great Work! Lots of fun!

Jikiden Reiki. This course will provide you an introduction to the foundation of all Reiki systems available today. This introduction and the background knowledge of Reiki, Japanese language, and the original modality brought through by Sensei Usui will serve regardless which Reiki system you practice. This is the key that ties it all together. With the correct beginning, the end result is clear, powerful, and meaningful! Experience for yourself.

The foundation for all Reiki systems practiced today…there are many Reiki systems offered today. This teaching does not invalidate other Reiki systems in the least! Rather it provides a foundation for all to understand Reiki more clearly. The philosophy and concepts of Reiki have been brought to the world by the Japanese Master—Sensei Mikao Usui. The philosophy and concepts behind it were communicated through the Japanese language. The Japanese way of thinking, being, and feeling is different from that of the Western cultures…leading to misconceptions and misunderstanding, a slang of Reiki, if you will, is now present due to the complexities and the differences in the languages. Jikiden Reiki starts at the root of the Reiki ‘tree’, making it the most precise and authentic form of Reiki in the world today!

There are many systems of Reiki today. Each has it’s own vision and purpose. Each is effective and powerful! We view these as the Omega (end product) of Reiki. Experience the Alpha (beginning) of the Reiki system as it was taught in Japan by Sensei Usui. This system differs greatly from those available in America. This teaching will allow you to understand the mantras, the meaning of the words forming the mantas, as well as the origins of the energy flow. Gain a deeper, basic, essential understanding of the world’s most widespread healing art.

Taught in two levels, Shoden (Level 1-physical healing)- 3 attunements in 2-days (cost $350), and Okuden (Level 2-psychological and distant healing) - 2 attunements in 1-day (cost $450). Also offered are Practitioner exchanges--useful for personal growth, healing and further learning (cost $20). Cindy is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (Provider # 451437-10) and offers 12 CE Hours for Shoden and 6 CE Hours for Okuden for Massage Therapists.

Spiritual Intuition. Psychic ability, a sixth sense, the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairsentience - there are many names to describe this quality we simply call "Spiritual Intuition". Everyone has intuition; the degree to which it is used varies from person to person. Intuition is often defined as "a knowing, without the use of rational processes."

Your spiritual intuition includes the use of your spiritual senses, or "gifts". This workshop will teach you how to expand your awareness to perceive more than you thought you could. Opening and expanding all your spiritual senses will help you to receive information more clearly and easily.

Our spiritual senses mirror our physical ones and with practice, a keen sense of spiritual intuition can be cultivated. The truth is – we all hold the potential to be intuitive. It can be taught and improved greatly with practice. This class is focused on opening, developing, and perfecting your intuition: Clairvoyance (Spiritual Vision), Clairaudience (Spiritual Hearing), Clairsentience (Intuition & Feeling).

Gifts of the Spirit. In this class we learn to channel Light Beings. Connection with Beings of Light is your birthright. Channeling is a spiritual act, which will connect you to God, to the various aspects of God. We learn, or are reminded, to surrender our will to the aspect of God that we connect with. Calling down these aspects helps us to become one with these aspects of the Divine. This is what we call channeling in the Mystery School. It is the surest way to evolve spiritually. With spiritual evolution, the gifts of the spirit (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience) always open. Channeling is a process of service and this class is an advanced form of schooling. It gives each channel more knowledge, more connection to the Divine and more opportunity to evolve and to serve. Taught in two very fun days. This is prerequisite training for the Channeling Series. Cost $400 in 2-day format.

Gifts of the Spirit Intensive. Channeling is a spiritual act, which draws upon the ability to connect to, call down, and to control unseen powers, as an act of will. This is actually something we do all the time, though not consciously. This spiritual act ultimately connects us to God and to aspects of God. It is in this surrendering of the will, to that aspect of God that you connect with and become one with that aspect of God.

This series is designed to teach you how to do this here in the physical with safety, reverence and accuracy. Each class builds upon the next with assignments given between classes so students can effectively and efficiently grow into and strengthen the abilities learned/remembered in this AMAZING series.

Taught in 4 long days with Gifts of the Spirit a prerequisite training course. Each day builds on the last and support work is given for the time between sessions to grow the student's abilities and to advance most effectively. These classes are taught in a highly energetically supportive environment with plenty of experiential practice each weekend. Cost: $1350, audit for $1100.

Channeling Series-Advanced Training.

Laurie offers an two-day Advanced Channeling Class to graduates of the Gifts of the Spirit Intensive. This is offered to refine and further develop each student's individual gifts and to give deeper, more specific tools for the Channel including DNA and lineage readings. Cost: ??taught to graduates of GOTSI after 1-year of Channeling homework/support work. Join us for this beautiful, loving form of service! Cost: $550.

Adam Kadmon-The New Human. Imagine, for a moment, the infiniteness of your Spirit. Now imagine that infinite Spirit completely filled with Light. Light is Power. Now see yourself walking around in your physical body, with an infinite Spirit attached to you, holding an infinite amount of Light, Energy, and Power that moves around with you at all times. What couldn't you accomplish with an infinite amount of Light, Energy, and Power?

This class includes teachings to assist you in negotiating effectively within the new increased energy:

  • Exercises to enhance this new energy
  • New energy food for humans
  • New living architecture
  • New physical energy structure
  • Raising children in the new energy
  • Intimate relationships in the new energy
  • Religion, philosophy, and meditation in the new energy
  • Spiritual business

The Adam Kadmon physical Activation, taps into your infinite space, fully activating you, thus fully empowering you. This “Full Light Body Activation,” gives you one of the highest amounts of Light, Energy, and Power, and therefore Empowerment, one can achieve in a physical body.

Receiving the Adam Kadmon Activation means:

  • Know, understand, and eventually earn a living fulfilling your soul's purpose
  • Quest to create true bonding with your current mate, or to find your ideal partner
  • Over time, with your increased light, energy, and power, work to use 100% of your brain instead of using only 10% of your brain
  • With your increased power and productivity, strive to live the equivalent of ten lifetimes in one lifetime

This is a very full, day-long class. Children are welcome to join with special pricing available depending on age. The Adam Kadmon teachings can be brought to your area. Contact Cindy for more information. Cost: $295.

Meditation Classes and Techniques. Taught generally in 1-1.5 hour formats. Useful no matter what your experience level! 

  • Sanctuary Meditation. In this class we will spend the time getting to meet and know that part of you that is directly connected to Spirit and can be your most trusted Guide! This technique will also be handed down in a way that will allow you to use it in your daily life, this is one of the best ways to get access your own answers! Cost $25.

  • Max Meditation. In this guided group mediation a theme will be set, one that the whole group will benefit from. This technique helps you to calm your mind and bring life affirming energies into your world! A great way to stop and relax with powerful and amazing results because of the support offered by such a highly trained and initiated leader! Cost $10.

Sacred CranioSacral Therapy Training. Immerse yourself in this series studying the structure and function of the craniosacral system. Learn the intricacies of the soul and the relation to the human form, as well as to the mind. Learn to release current and long-standing physical, emotional, psychological, birth and pre-birth traumas. Gain an understanding of the mechanism of consciousness, spirit, soul, body, organ, system, etc. Learn to clear the way for permanent, sustained healing, regardless of the origin. This series will be presented in four parts. Each part will build on the next, so each is prerequisite to continue in the series. Each part will last over 2.5 days. Come prepared to be amazed and humbled by the human experience and our connection to Source. SCST1 - Introduction and Basics, SCST2 - Avenue of Expression, SCH3 - Listening, Expression, SCH4 - Advanced Integration and Application (4 days). Cost $1200 each-Parts 1-3, $800 Part 4. When taught local, we will meet Fri evening and Sat & Sun all day. Part 1 (for example) will meet for 2 weekends and be taught as SCST 1a and SCST 1b at $600/weekend. When taught out of town of at your location for your group of professionals, class can be taught SCST1 (1a and 1b) in 5 consecutive days. 

Mage Training. This will be an intensive and exhaustive study of all aspects of healing, physical, emotional, spiritual of person and space taught in three levels, over 2-4 years. Contact Cindy directly to express your interest or to inquire about curriculum, time commitment, cost, etc.